Our Strategy

What makes us unique.

Not your typical cybersecurity firm.

Pioneering AI-Powered Cybersecurity

We lead in AI-driven cybersecurity. GlobalGuard iT (GGiT) fills a unique role in the U.S. cyber defense market, poised for global expansion. With the surge in cyber threats and cloud computing, organizations seek innovative security solutions. That’s where AI excels, rapidly detecting potential threats in real time. GGiT merges AI expertise with top Israeli cybersecurity IP to offer a premier cybersecurity solution.

Collaborating with Israeli Tech Leaders

We collaborate with Israeli tech leaders. GGiT plans to enter the Israeli market by late 2023, forging strategic partnerships. Leveraging our extensive U.S. network, we’ll launch exclusive products. Our project timeline, from pre-development to exit, spans 18-24 months. GGiT has added seasoned professionals to facilitate Israeli companies’ entry into the U.S. We’re establishing a Tel Aviv presence via a local partner. Debt capital is sought for expansion, with a larger equity raise in 2024 for product launches.

Economic Resilience in the AI Industry

We’re resilient in economic downturns. The dynamic nature of the AI threat landscape makes us recession-proof, even pandemic-resistant. In this trillion-dollar industry, capturing a mere 0.010% of the market share is our goal.